A Multilingual Branding
& UX/UI Design Agency.



Bobolink Creative Agency,
Beirut, Lebanon.


Brand Identity, Print,


Creative, Advertising.

Branding oneself can be a delicate process. Bobolink, a Beirut based creative agency with an appetite for collaborative work, came to us for help with overcoming the challenge of uplifting their identity. The result of our collaboration was an organic identity with youthful elegance.


A hint of green, soft tones, and recycled materials were combined with the black to create a naturalistic, youthful identity that maintains a level of seriousness.

Business Card

A beautifully texturized recycled paper, produced from Venetian algae, was chosen for the business card. A green leaf was printed on it to give the vibrant sensation of a living object.

The three pillars on which Bobolink bases its activities are: organic development, social awareness, and an appetite for collaboration.

“Hiring Kolaps to uplift a creative agency's identity should show the amount of trust we share. They have created the most beautiful identity for BOBOLINK, and were able to visually translate our essence.”

Labib Choufani, Founder

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