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We are a multilingual branding and UX design agency based between the two cities of Barcelona and Beirut. We listen, ask, research, think, dissect, and destroy before we recreate powerful ideas and impactful experiences that help brands narrate their unique stories, and do so eloquently.

Strategy & Analysis / Naming and Verbal Identity / Brand Identity / Spatial Identity & Way Finding / Print & Editorial Design / UX & UI Design / Web & Apps / E-Commerce / Image and Video Production / Content Development / And anything yet to be discovered

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Trillions of neurons have been utilized over billions of microseconds to come up with the ingenious ideas, experiments, and expressions in our Lab.
Viaje Sonoro,
"Lahn El Tariq"
Direction & Script
Hasan Chaaban
MAYO films

"Lahn El Tariq" is a short movie that expresses one of the many inconsequential ideas that passes through the mind of a 5-year-old during a tedious journey.

Memory Erasure
Experience your favorite movies and songs for the first time, again.
Memorase is a conceptual product that allows you to literally refresh your brain. You can erase media memory experiences, such as movies, songs, and any other audiovisual shows from your brain, allowing you to relive that first-time pleasurable encounter with your favorites.

How it works

The technology behind it is very simple. To “refresh” a certain movie for example, all you have to do is play it on the Memorase one more time, the “last repeat”. The Memorase will monitor your brain’s activity, and by the end of the experience it will remit electromagnetic waves that will reverse, and clean that experience from your brain.


During the “last repeat” process, make sure you do not distract yourself with memories and visualized imaginations, as it might accidentally delete core elements of your psyche.

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Daar Properties,
Barcelona, Spain.
Naming, Brand identity, Verbal
& Visual Content, Website.
Real Estate,

DAAR is a new breed of property developers with a rich legacy of interior architectural design. It acts as a developer, a designer, and a gateway for foreign capital looking to invest into the Barcelona market. DAAR, an originally Arabic word that means “Home”, is strong sounding and easy to pronounce.


To express what distinguishes DAAR from their competitors, and to contrast the stern image that is dominant within this field, we created a delicate image emphasized by the unusual signature-like form of the logo, reflecting the unique work that goes into every DAAR property.


Greys contrasted by salmon were chosen to express the balance between the robustness and softness of the brand.

Neutral Black C
# 212121
Cool Gray 11 C
# 565656
Pantone 4745 C
# c6b3a7
Pantone 663 C
# ede9e6


We selected materials and printing techniques that made DAAR’s collaterals both practical and elegant.

Visual Content

When producing the imagery for this brand, we avoided the plastic feel that comes with over-modification and attempted to capture the properties realistically.


In addition to a smooth user journey, our aim while designing the DAAR website was to do away with excesses and keep only the fundamental visual and verbal content.

“Kolaps’s proactive approach to corporate design has been a very positive and helpful solution for our company identity, assisting us through all the stages with concise input and support.”
Mohammed Adib, Managing Director
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Mayan Holdings,
Dubai, UAE.
Naming, Corporate Identity,

Mayan is the parent entity of a group of Dubai-based trading companies. The identity reflects the new blood of the second-generation family management. The name, Mayan, is an Arabic word meaning “two waters”. It was chosen to reflect the Arabic origins of the company, its globally central location, and the means by which it trades and exchanges with the rest of the world.


The logo is a composite of the Latin and Arabic letters of the name, interlocked to symbolize the channels of exchange between the local and the global, and the heritage and the future.

# ffffff
Pantone 663C
# f3f0ef
Pantone 7686 C
# 29468d
Pantone 648 C
# 212e63


To further accentuate the concept, blues were chosen for their clear reference to water, and for the sense of sobriety and youthfulness that they add.


To complement the simplicity of Mayan’s identity, we selected GMUND paper with different stamping techniques, such as white-on-white stamping.

“We were surprised as to how the team at Kolaps was able to produce an identity that brought together the diverse and differing set of stakeholders at this company.”
Omar Sawaf, COO
Beirut, Lebanon.
Brand Identity,
Packaging, Print.

Boutikko is the online fashion store for the everyday female shopper in Beirut. We aimed to create a warm and inviting identity that expresses a sense of freshness and optimism that could ease the anxieties of the modern fashion consumer.


With an essence of Bodoni, the Boutikko logo was based on the revisionary type, Jeanne Moderno, that balances elegance and modernity.

Pantone 3155 C
# 035b60
Pantone 393
# f9f382
# f7f7f8
Pantone 426 C
# 2d2e2f


We selected colors that create a space that is both positively comfortable and vibrant at the same time.


We designed a versatile set of well-crafted artisanal boxes wrapped with the finest paper from Gmund. Within the boxes, the items are placed inside soft cotton bags to maintain the quality and longevity of the products.

Boutikko was created by a young Lebanese entrepreneur overwhelmed by the environment of hyper-consumption found in today’s fashion world. What she wanted was to take a step back.

“Kolaps coming in had a great impact on all aspects of building my brand. They helped me focus my ideas, and visualized an identity that I fell in love with.”
Ghida Ibrahim, Founder
Barcelona, Spain.
Naming, Brand Identity, Content
Development, Editorial Design, Print.
Real Estate,

MDDL 40 is a magnificent 9.300 m2 plot of elevated land in Pedralbes, the most exclusive residential neighborhood in Barcelona. The name MDDL 40 is an acronym of the actual address of the plot.


As the most spectacular aspect of MDDL 40 is its location, we used the four letters and two numbers representing its address to create a compass-like symbol. The number 4 with its 3 open sides was used to emulate the elevated land with its 270° unobstructed view.


A combination of green and gold was used to express the lushness and exclusivity of this plot of land.

# 000000
Pantone 5747 C
# 3d431c
Pantone 871 C
# 86754d
# ffffff


With a sleek varnish finish added to the paper, we were able to bring out the quality of the photography and the gloss of the gold lines used throughout the book. The book was then stitched and encased in green linen, over which the logo was stamped using gold foil.

Our contribution to MDDL 40 extended beyond the development of the copy and images for the book. We also conducted sun exposure measurements and noise measurements, and created rendered shots of the architectural potential of the plot.

Horizon F&B Solutions
Dubai, UAE.
Brand Identity, Packaging,
Print, Website, App.
Food & Beverage,

Grand Saray adds a modern touch to the authentic Ottoman cuisine. To achieve an appetizing contrast between the new and the old, we created a bilingual identity that substitutes excessive ornamentation with warm cleanliness.


We built harmonious Arabic and Latin versions of the logotype using the same grid to match the visual weight of both. The symbol, a clear reference to arabesque patterns, frames both logotypes and converges their personalities.

Pantone 2965 C
# 002b3b
Pantone 5473
# 0a5d66
Pantone 7562 C
# b79862
Pantone 4975 C
# 3a2525
# ffffff


To extend the bilingual aspect of the identity, we chose a different combination of colors for each language. The hint of gold seasons these two combinations.

Several patterns were extracted from the symbol to enrich the visual identity with Arabic and Ottoman heritage. We then delicately pressed these patterns with gold ink onto cotton paper, creating a delightful soft texture, further accentuating the experience and involving more of the senses.


To ensure an ideal dining experience for customers, we designed a clean menu that helps attenuate the overall extravagant experience of dining at Grand Saray.

Website & Mobile Application

Additionally, we designed and developed a website and a separate mobile application, focusing on easy functionality and clean design.

Grand Saray is a modern and luxurious space offering the richness of Turkish cuisine while maintaining the warmth and the customary sociable atmosphere.

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Beirut, Lebanon.
Brand Identity, App,
UX Design, UI Design.
Sports, Lifestyle,
Technology, Services.

Dibs is a sports venue booking platform offering amateur players easy access to venues and a community of friendly teammates and competitors. It is the first of its kind in the Lebanese market.


We chose a clear and bold typeface to create the logo of dibs. The use of lower case gives the name a youthful and energetic feel.


We selected colors that would help us create a clear and energetic UI design, incorporating green and red for positive and negative interactions.

Dark Blue
# 052044
Flashy Green
# 6bf4c5
# f4404e
# ffffff

UI Design

We wanted to transmit as much of the information needed by the user to maneuver successfully, while maintaining clear categorization and an uncluttered layout. The fixed main page gives the user easy access to three categories of events, while being able to smoothly scroll amongst events within each category.

UX Design

Keeping in mind the main user personas - the captain (event creator), the players (event participants), and the venue managers – we designed the user experience based on the expected journeys of each persona during all three stages: pre-game, booking, and post-game.

“Kolaps has been to us the first and the last resort. For any endeavor we have, they always take the risk and lead in researching and creating. This is how they reinvented dibs.”
Rayan Ismail, CEO